Jl. Ciumbuleuit No. 84
Bandung, West Java
Tel. 62-22-2033180 (hunting)
Fax. 62-22-2035694

Factory 1:
Jl. Cisirung No. 48
Bandung, West Java
Tel. 62-22-5206188 (hunting)
Fax. 62-22-5203973

Factory 2:
Jl. Industri Cimareme No. 11
Padalarang, West Java
Tel. 62-22-6866261 (hunting)
Fax. 62-22-6866265

Welcome to ASCOTT Online

PT. Asian Cotton Industry is a spinning mill which was solely established on Feb 22nd, 2002 by Mr. Iwan Tjandradinata. We have two factories in Indonesia, with total capacity of approximately 70,000 spindles. The first factory is located at Jl. Cisirung No. 48, Bandung, West Java, and the other is sited at Jl. Industry Cimareme No. 11, Padalarang, Bandung, West Java.

We manufacture high quality yarns ranging from coarse to fine count, with variety of fiber compositions, starting from 100% cotton to 100% spun polyester (PE) with the total production of 4500 bales per month.

A lot of investment and continuous machine modernization has been done. With a careful and knowledgeable decision, we have picked our machine supplier from well known brand such as Trutzschler, Rieter, Toyota, Murata, and Schlafhorst. With proper maintenance, good know how, and supported by latest machines, we can always provide our customer with very high quality and consistency yarn.

Other than machineries, raw material is also one of the most important aspects in providing good quality of end products. Throughout a long series of in house lab test and experience, we have picked our reliable suppliers. Our Main supplier for cotton is from USA, Brazil, and Australia.

We believe in quality. Providing good quality with absolute consistency of the good quality itself is our only commitment that we dedicate ourselves in doing our every daily job.

We welcome all visitors to our site and invite you to learn more about our company. Thank you for visiting us.