PT. Asian Cotton Industry (ASCOTT) is a spinning mill which was solely established on Feb 22nd, 2002 by Mr. Iwan Tjandradinata. The first factory is located at Jl. Cisirung No. 48, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. This factory is located next to our weaving and dyeing finishing company, PT. Candratex Sejati Textile Mills. Please click here to reach Candratex's homepage .

The second factory is located at Jl. Industry Cimareme No. 11, Padalarang, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. This factory was formerly known as PT. Tahtong Textile Industry which was owned by Taiwanese company. We completed the take over at 2003. Since that, this factory is named PT. Asian Cotton Industry II (ASCOTT II). The machineries was around 20 - 30 years of age so we decided to replace the machineries with newer machines for better quality and efficiency. A lot of investment and continuous machine modernization has been done. With a careful and knowledgeable decision, we have picked our machine supplier from well known brand such as Trutzschler, Rieter, Toyota, Murata, and Schlafhorst. You can see the list of our new machines at PRODUCTIONS tab on this homepage.

ASCOTT has set the standard for spun yarns, providing leadership in quality, service, and innovation. Today, with manufacturing sites and a professional team of owner-associates, we supply high-value products in the Japan, Hongkong, Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Indonesia and other regions.

As textile markets have evolved, ASCOTT has adapted, thus retaining our status as an important supplier. Our longevity is based on responsive marketing, efficient manufacturing, and technical execution. We are well aware that our customers have many sourcing options and that we must provide an outstanding value if we are to continue to be an important supplier.

Another major component of our success is the devotion of substantial resources to the development, commercialization, and merchandising of new products.

ASCOTT provides a variety of yarns for apparel, home fashions, and industrial end-uses. If you are interested in yarns please click here to contact us.